The best way to increase the purchase price for your property is to increase demand. For the buyer to feel an emotional connection to the property, we want to make sure to use a design that has proven to resonate with the broadest population.

We want to make sure we don’t make any singular item stand out, but instead, create heightened overall desire so the greatest number of buyers will want to make the property their own.

We want to have enough furnishing and elements to enhance the property by directing the eye to highlight certain property features, but it’s as important to also leave space so the buyer asks the question “ what should go there” and envision filling in with their own belongings, desires, and tastes.

Aesthetics are vital. Keep in mind when considering purchasing furnishings to stage, or paying for staging, the goal of staging is only to increase property value by increasing the demand for the property by showing off the property. It must be tasteful. We want the buyers to ask to purchase the property, not necessarily purchasing the furniture.

An accomplished real estate team can even Virtually Stage your 3-D mapped virtual tour.

A viable option is to incorporate some virtual staging when physically staging.
Compare the before and after examples, with photos of actual home owner’s non-virtual furnishings below, to understand the power of virtual advances in technology.