Can I sell my home with White Brick if I’m already working with a listing agent?

Yes! While homeowners can work directly with us, we know that people may have already listed their home with an agent and are not yet getting results that they expected. Not only does the White Brick contract accommodate working with sellers’ agents, we welcome the opportunity to partner with them.

Here are three benefits of having your agent partner with White Brick:

  1. Can help manage your buying and selling timelines: Buying and selling at the same time can be a complex process. While White Brick can help you combine buying and selling with our TRADE-IN program.
  2. Act as your representative throughout the process: Your agent will be the primary contact for your White Brick transaction. They will communicate all information from White Brick. 
  3. Provide peace of mind: No move is without stress. One common aspect of the sale heard from clients (after a completed sale) is whether or not their agent provided alternative guidance and peace of mind in times of need.

Coming Soon/ Learn more:

  • What is an iBuyer?
  • How White Brick’s costs compare with a traditional sale and an iBuyer sale
  • How the White Brick home assessment and repair process works during an Express Cash Offer.