How does the real estate closing process work in Central Florida with White Brick Real Estate?

One of the last steps, before you close, is to complete your digital checklist. This helps us ensure your home will fulfill all of the terms of your sales contract. Make sure the home, yard, and exterior premises are completely empty of all personal items, debris, and trash. Don’t worry about deep cleaning, broom-swept is fine. All extra keys and remotes should stay on the property. You can leave all keys (mail key, pool key, gate key) and related items (garage opener, appliance warranties, warranties) on the kitchen counter before you leave, and lock the door on your way out.

We will remind you if anything attached to the house should remain with it. Please reference your purchase agreement or get in contact with your White Brick Partner for information on what was agreed to for built-in or large appliances such as the refrigerator, washer & dryer, etc.

If you have extra paint, tiles, or flooring please notify your White Brick Partner if you plan to leave these behind because there could be costs associated with leaving them.

If the property was vacant at the time you negotiated the contract, please ensure all items inside and outside have been removed, including bulk trash. Any items left behind may be subject to a removal charge and could potentially delay closing.

If you have any difficulty uploading photos, please reach out to your White Brick Partner.

Leave your utilities on
Please schedule your utilities to remain active until the end of closing, unless otherwise noted on your checklist.

Forward your mail
In case you haven’t already, please contact the USPS to forward your mail to your new address. Also, please be aware of any packages that may be coming soon from shipping services such as UPS and FedEx. Consider contacting them directly to make the necessary arrangements.

What happens if you need a few extra days to pack and move, but you are scheduled to close?

Your White Brick Partner may be able to negotiate a Late Checkout that enables you to close your home sale, receive your proceeds, and temporarily rent back your home from the buyer for up to 14 days. A daily fee and refundable security deposit apply. Please bring this to your White Brick Partner’s attention as soon as possible to learn more, and to have the greatest opportunity for successful Late Checkout negotiations.

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