No. A Home flipper benefits themselves, by buying low and selling high..
We provide you services to:

  1. obtain you a competitive offer that fulfills your needs and desires,
  2. assist you in evaluating and negotiating the offer so you have no regrets,
  3. oversee the successful close of your transaction,
  4. enable you to happily move forward without regret.

In exchange for these excellent services, we charge a fee.
Our fee varies based on your needs and desires.
Our average fee typically falls below the i-Buyer cost (i-Buyer’s charge between 6-8%, but the actual service charge could be between 6-14% depending on market conditions), and we beat out other Central Florida brokerages fees by providing more value to our sellers without additional costs.

We’ve dramatically simplified the home selling process for a safer, and happier, overall experience.
We don’t just put a sign in your yard, send postcards, and list on the MLS, Zillow, etc. as other brokerages do.
With our vast database of active buyers, you have selling options that make the very best sense.
Sellers say we more adequately fulfill their needs, desires, and pocketbook than the “i-Buyer” companies, or other real estate firms in Central Florida.

Home flippers target distressed properties selling in desperate circumstances.
We focus on matching homes to buyers who offer a fair price.
We are specific about the type of homes we represent because we are confident in our model; it is proven.

You deserve solution-focused thinking, honesty, and integrity as the foundation of your real estate relationship.
Pioneering technology, superior digital marketing experience, and negotiation expertise are vital resources to guard your physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing.

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Who is an Express Cash Offer good for?

A competitive price is dependant on many factors: condition, supply, demand, and marketing.
Unlike home flippers who often target distressed properties purchased in desperate circumstances, we focus on matching homes to buyers who offer a fair price. One of the reasons we are so specific about the types of homes we represent is because we are confident that our model works well.

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